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SCADA systems for real time remote monitoring and control of your facilities.

Motorola SCADA systems provide highly reliable communication and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our modular ACE3600 RTUs are expandable to meet your growing needs as the next generation MOSCAD RTU.

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

The ACE3600 RTU combines the local processing of a PLC with the superior communications of an RTU for an all-in-one high-performance unit. It allows seamless integration with multiple PLCs, RTUs and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED).

A powerful processor combined with versatile input/output modules allows this RTU to be used for the most demanding SCADA applications, including those in:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Siren/PA

This modular RTU can be expanded with multiple, simultaneously operating communication ports in a range of industry protocols. The communication capability is specifically designed to support secure communications over diverse networks.

SCADA Overview

Remote control and monitoring applications
Water/Wastewater: Improve distribution system or collection system operation, optimize treatment plants and realize chemical and energy savings.

Electric power distribution: Implement Distribution Automation systems by controlling load break switchgear, reclosers and other IEDs (intelligent electronic devices).at substations, pad or pole top locations.

Oil & gas pipelines: Monitor and control flow, pressure, cathodic voltage; perform emergency shutdowns, monitor remote exploration and storage sites.

Early warning/siren control: Perform routine tests and remotely activate sirens for public annunciation of emergency conditions.

Communication network monitoring and control: Perform remote monitoring of critical equipment such as power systems, environmental control systems, tower lights, etc.

Fire station alerting: Quickly dispatch fire equipment and resources with remote control of lights, sirens, voice public address systems, doors, etc.

Versatile communications options
Supports up to 5 ports, ACE3600 can simultaneously communicate over RS-232, RS-485, radio and IP, while using the same/different protocols.

  • Analog conventional radios
  • Analog or digital trunked systems
  • Multiple Address Systems
  • Telephone/leased lines, and fiber-optic links
  • Microwave and satellite
  • Wired and Wireless IP networks
Flexible Input/Output options
0,3,5,7 or 8 I/O slot options (plus 19‚ÄĚrack) with support for up to 104 I/O modules. All I/O are hot swap replacement including the high-voltage digital modules.

Data security
ACE3600 supports encryption over wireless with downloadable keys.

Graphical User Interface
The System Tool Suite (STS) programming tool features user-friendly, menu-driven GUI that allows program development and local and remote system setup and maintenance.

Industry-accepted protocols
ACE3600 RTU supports multiple industry protocols such as Modbus, DF-1, DNP3.0, and IEC 60870-5-101 and allows direct connection of smart sensors, PLCs and IEDs.

Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) protocol
MDLC protocol has robust error handling to provide reliable communication. It enables RTU-to-control-center and RTU-to-RTU direct communications without a dedicated repeater.

MOSCAD Compatibility
With MDLC protocol, new ACE3600 RTUs can be easily integrated with existing MOSCAD family RTUs into a single system

MOSCAD-M Remote Terminal Unit

The MOSCAD-M RTU is the smallest member of the Motorola family of RTUs. It incorporates a fixed configuration of analog and digital inputs and outputs. MOSCAD-M is capable of communicating in a network with MOSCAD and ACE3600 RTUs. Although small in size the MOSCAD-M enough has power to satisfy a wide range of SCADA applications.

MOSCAD-M has a compact size and low power consumption which makes it ideal in outdoor locations with solar and battery power sources.


The MOSCAD-M RTU optimally combines the most important functions of an RTU and a Programmable Logic Controller in one unit.

Power Management
Low power consumption is achieved by application oriented power management which provides power for a selected time only to the circuits and elements necessary. The MOSCAD-M RTU is switched to sleep mode when all circuits are idle and awakens when predefined events occur.

Compact size
The MOSCAD-M compact size allows easy wall mounted installations or into pre-existing enclosures.

Versatile communication options
MOSCAD-M RTUs offer multiple communication options including: two-way conventional or trunked radio, Multiple Address System (MAS) and spread spectrum radio, leased line and dial-up modems, and 10/100Base-T Ethernet.

Diverse connectivity
Integrated I/O ports on the MOSCAD-M provide protected connectivity to a range of intelligent sensors as well as discrete digital and analog sensors and control solutions. Connectivity via RS-232 and RS-485 ports is also available.

Application Programming
Typical applications include remote monitoring and control of valves and pumps, monitoring of tank levels, pipeline pressure, cathodic protection, rain and flood, environmental pollution, chemical spill, radiation and more.

Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) protocol
Based on the seven layer ISO/OSI standard, the MDLC protocol is enhanced with robust error handling to provide reliable communication. It enables RTU-to-control-center as well as RTU-to-RTU direct communications without passing through a dedicated repeater.